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My name is April Fox and I am a photographer working on Maui. I was born in Glendale California and was raised in Las Vegas Nevada. I started out early displaying a creative streak and making all kinds of things. My mom was the one who put a camera in my hands at an early age. She said that I saw the world differently and that the camera would help me show my perspective to others.

As a young person I found working in clay to be my biggest focus. I even taught classes to younger kids to pay for my classes and supplies. Eventually, I would study ceramics and sculpture at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It was in art school that I was introduced to other mediums and started to take more photographs.

I opened an art-focused business in 1998 and found that I had time for more photography projects. Over time I became more involved with my photography and less interested in the business I was in. It was all started with a project called "99 Couches" where I took photographs of 99 garbage couches you see along side of the street during the last 99 days of 1999. I felt it was a good commentary on the condition of the corner of the world I lived in (Hollywood, CA) at the turning of the millennium.

My current photography fascination is shadows. I love the way they are more of a memory of the thing than the thing itself. These photographs, like most of my work, are done with natural light only. Most have not been "staged" in any way... they are just random events and I just happen to look for them. To me they are almost like finding a special shell you have been searching the beach for. It is often pure chance and luck that I capture a particular shadow photograph and what makes them so special. If I came along just a minute earlier or later I could have missed the shot entirely.

For me photography is a way to show others what I see everyday.

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